by immortal verses

V Canto is inspired by the most enchanting love story ever written, a love for the authentic deep roots and for the homeland. For over 700 years, in fact, the Terenzi family has lived near Gradara Castle, one of the most evocative in Italy. Even the Supreme Dante Alighieri chose to honour this magical place with a Chapter in his Divine Comedy, the one of Paolo and Francesca and their story carved by immortal verses. It is from these verses that our creations are born.

An epic

Precious and unique fragrances that contain all the medieval poetry and history of passion, love, sins, virtues, vices, but above all true humanity, as told through Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi’s artistic and evocative fragrances. A work of great stylistic commitment that is an emotional olfactory journey through the story of human nature. Fragrances to wear as a manifesto of our most profound inclinations, of the desire to explore our deepest inner self through the evocative power of the fragrance. The scent becomes an epic travelling companion, like the one that led Dante, through the streets of the soul to show us what we are or what we will become.


Tiziana and Paolo, who grew up with the same passion for the sea and its infinite possibilities, share horizons and visions, in a fusion of talent that opens new perspectives. The family’s bond binds them, like the oak tree to the earth. And think brings the fruits of the wisdom of generations, living beyond time. The music of their ancestors still plays on in their hearts, and their journey is always in the direction of the sea. Wonders continue and will continue to be born, with natural and high-quality raw materials, through painstaking attention to every detail: because every creation is the child of our family, and speaks of men and women who have been able to capture the absolute in a drop of perfume, and life in a drop of wax.

A thirst
for beauty

Our soul is that of a seafarer: deep, brave and thirsty for beauty, on earth as well as in the abyss. This spirit guides us as we create wonders, using natural and high-quality raw materials, and with painstaking attention to every last detail. Today our brands – Tiziana Terenzi, V Canto and Giardino Benessere – tell the world about our vision of Dolce Vita and Made in Italy. And we collaborate with the most prestigious international companies, providing our expertise to give shape to dreams and aspirations.